Saturday, 10 January 2015

How's My Tweeting?

It is the customary time of year to think about new beginnings and I have been reflecting on my use of social media, in particular Twitter.

I have always been interested in continuous self-improvement for the benefit of others.  This can be achieved through reliable feedback, reflection, learning. adaptation and practise. 

It is therefore through this blog, and connected survey, that I am seeking your feedback on my use of Twitter so that I may reflect, learn and then practise new things.

In 2015 I plan to…
  • share #MyThoughtForTheDay at 8.00am every day, but want to know how useful this is to you
  • share information, resources and publications that I come across, but need to know which areas to focus my attention on to be of most benefit to you
  • engage in conversations with fellow health professionals, members of the public and anyone with an interest in improving care, services and outcomes for better health for people; I want to know the ways in which I can do this that will have the best effect
  • finally, but most importantly, to have fun.  Whilst people’s health and future is an important business, which I take very seriously, I want my engagement through Twitter to be enjoyable for me and others, so I need to know what I can do to ensure this. 

I would be grateful for less than five minutes of your time to tell me what I can do better.  I will share the results of my survey to get your feedback and what I intend to do about what I learn.  I also believe that what you tell me will, at least in part, be applicable to many others and how they use Twitter too.

Click HERE to link to the survey and thank you very much in advance for your input.

(NB The intended audience of the survey is anyone who I do or have engaged with on Twitter.  This is not limited to anyone in particular, so please do let me know your thoughts through this survey)

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